One life. One Purpose.

As a Northern Irishman living in the United States, I have enjoyed the privilege of learning from different cultures and enjoying new experiences all across the globe. Currently, I'm finishing my PhD in Divinity through the University of Aberdeen where my research is focusing on various interpretations of the Kingdom of God. Specifically, I am considering how the doctrine of the kingdom relates to modern social and religious movements such as Dispensationalism and Evangelicalism. 


My interests, however, lie beyond this narrow focus. I am a keen historian and philosophy student who always endeavours to understand and keep abreast of current movements, be they political, sociological, revisionary, or cultural.


Throughout my life I have had a burning desire to teach and train up the next generation of thinkers. This passion has fuelled my discipleship, my educational pursuits, and, ultimately, my career path. I hope to be able to continue to teach history and theology academically in the years ahead, as well as in the local church.


As a writer, a musician, and an academic, this website houses some of my research, music, musings and my blog. I hope that you find them interesting and helpful.

"This life is the platform and training ground for the life to come. Live it well. Live it right."

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see videos I have posted on theological, historical, and literary topics.