I've lived in three countries over two continents, and currently reside in Milford, PA in the United States. I worked for a Baptist church while I completed my M.Div. from Southern Seminary and subsequently worked as a Lead Pastor for three years. I'm currently in the process of finishing my PhD in Divinity and Historical Theology through the University of Aberdeen, and have a desire to continue with academia alongside serving in the local church.


I grew up in Northern Ireland with my parents and three brothers, and attended school and university there, focusing on the Arts, and majoring in History. It was during my time at school that I came to faith in Christ as the only way of salvation. After graduating, I left Ireland and moved to London to work for a church in Fulham and Hammersmith, where I stayed for two years. During this time, I completed the Cornhill Preaching Course and was mentored by Mike, my pastor. He advised that I attend seminary for further theological training before seeking a full-time pastoral position.


Thus it is that I came to the US to attend Southern Seminary in August 2014, and graduated in December 2016. I started my PhD in 2018 and am in the final stages of my research.


Outside academics, I enjoy history, sport and music, as well as writing and technology.

Teaching Passions

My primary passion is to teach history in whatever capacity I can. I have a specific desire to help cultivate the next generation of critical thinkers to combine intellectualism with compassion, knowledge with aptitude, and passion with joy. The pleasure of stimulating conversations and engaging dialogue is difficult to beat!


With this truth in mind, the reality of my teaching philosophy combines a the importance of an engaging monologue with a more pedagogical, interactive and Socratic dialogue. I actively encourage discussion and (jovial) debate to ensure that students undertand the material and can think critically about the topic (even if they disagree abou the interpretation of the content). I favour the method of public lectures followed by a supplemental, interactive tutorial with smaller groups that enables cultivation of knowledge and peer learning. 


This teaching philosophy has been shaped by my own experiences of academic life in Northern Ireland, England, and the United States, and has therefore provided me with a wealth of Socratic and proleptic skills ensuring that I am able to teach and train people of all learning styles.

"Raising up the next generation of critical thinkers..."


I have a number of key interests that take up my time. I especially love historical fiction and poetry. The eras that keenly hold my attention are Ancient Greece and Rome, First Century Palestine, the Reformation through to the Enlightenment and the Peninsular War in the 19th Century. Of particular interest to me are the key figures; men whose bravery, courage, wisdom and divine providence shook the world they inherited and forged a new world from the crucibles of conviction, conversion and conflict. My fascination with theology goes beyond Christian orthodoxy, however, and I enjoy learning about other theological systems including mythology from the past, current religious movements, and how they interact and intersect with Christianity.


Beyond the books, I have a love-hate relationship with Arsenal FC, and thoroughly enjoy opportunities playing soccer with anyone who will play with me. Ping pong is another favourite sporting past time, and I am increasingly enjoying running. I may even participate in a half marathon in the near future (this has yet to happen).


On a more artistic note, I play the saxophone, guitar and the piano to varying degrees of proficiency, and write music and poetry when the mood strikes. I enjoy listening to jazz and orchestral music, although it is difficult to ignore a good tune, no matter the genre.

Future Aspirations

As a historian who loves to write, I hope to author a number of books in due course. I currently have a library of unwritten books to pen, merely awaiting the time it takes and wisdom it requires to do so. Particularly, I believe in the power of narrative to communicate truth, and so want to write a fictional retelling of Biblical heroes.


I also hope to write a number of fictional stories covering major themes of love, loss, tragedy, and courage. Typical stuff. My fascination with history and theology has given me ideas for writing brief historical biographies for kids on key movers within history and a different series on key battles of history.


At some point, I would like to have a production of texts that follow the key doctrines of the Christian faith penned to be simple, clear, and accessible to our culture.

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become." CS Lewis

Til then, I desire to teach history at a university level, with a specific focus on European and American history (with an occasional class on Ancient Greece and Rome).