Tim K. Dunn


At the age of 27 I've lived in three countries over two continents, and currently reside in Milford, PA in the United States. I worked for a Baptist church while I completed my M.Div. from Southern Seminary and am now in the process of transitioning to be the Lead Pastor of Milford Bible Church.


I grew up in Northern Ireland with my parents and three brothers, and attended school and university there, focusing on the Arts, and majoring in History. It was during my time at school that I came to faith in Christ as the only way of salvation. After graduating, I left Ireland and moved to London to work for a church in Fulham and Hammersmith, where I stayed for two years. During this time, I completed the Cornhill Preaching Course and was mentored by Mike, my pastor. He advised that I attend seminary for further theological training before seeking a full-time pastoral position.


Thus it is that I came to the US to attend Southern Seminary in August 2014, and graduated in December 2016. In February 2017, I started working for Milford Bible Church.


Outside academics, I enjoy history, sport and music, as well as writing and technology.

Ministry Passions

My primary passion is to teach and preach the Gospel, wherever the Lord calls me. I have a specific desire to be a teaching pastor in a local church, preaching every week, evangelising, discipling and training up the next generation of teachers, preachers and leaders. Discipleship is the foundation of ministry, that lasts long beyond our earthly work.


In this regard, I have a distinct passion to serve the local church through intentional discipleship, including a desire to establish an internship with the express aim of training men and women from within the congregation to handle Scripture effectively and carefully, before sending them out to plant, preach and proclaim wherever the Lord would lead them, in appropriate ministries.

"...sending them out to plant, preach and proclaim..."

"Discipleship is the foundation of ministry, that lasts long beyond our earthly work."

Practical Experience

I have substantial experience working with local Baptist churches of varying size, in varying ethnic and socioeconomic communities, both in the US and the UK. I spent two years working for Twynholm Baptist Church in Fulham, where I completed the Cornhill Preaching Course, London, and spent eighteen months working for Jefferson Park Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.


I am now the Lead Pastor at Milford Bible Church and am working on writing, further academic study, as well as helping MBC launch and lead our Pastoral Internship Program (www.mbcli.org


I have a BA in History from Queen's University, Belfast, an MA in Church History from the University of Nottingham and an MDiv from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Through my time working and studying, I have been mentored and trained to study Scripture, preach clearly and apply the Word to diverse areas of our daily lives.


I have a number of key interests that take up my time. I am a major history guy, and especially love historical fiction. The eras that keenly hold my attention are First Century Palestine, the Reformation through to the Enlightenment and the Peninsular War in the 19th Century. Of particular interest to me are the key figures; men whose bravery, courage, wisdom and divine providence shook the world they inherited and forged a new world from the crucibles of conviction, conversion and conflict.


Beyond the books, I have a love-hate relationship with Arsenal FC, and thoroughly enjoy opportunities playing soccer with anyone who will play with me. Ping pong is another favourite sporting past time, and I am increasingly enjoying running. I may even participate in a half marathon in the near future.


On a more artistic note, I play the saxophone, guitar and the piano to varying degrees of proficiency, and write music and poetry when the mood strikes. I enjoy listening to jazz and orchestral music, although it is difficult to ignore a good tune, no matter the genre.

Future Aspirations

As a historian who loves to write, I hope to pen a number of books in due course. I currently have a library of unwritten books to pen, merely awaiting the time it takes and wisdom it requires to do so.


Particularly, I believe in the power of narrative to communicate truth, and so want to write a fictional retelling of Biblical heroes, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon and Jonah.

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it...in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become." CS Lewis

Outside the realm of fiction, however, I want to someday write commentaries on the 10 Commandments and a Biblical view of Dating, Marriage and Sexuality that focuses on the good design rather than on attacking what has become the norm in our post-Christian society.